Membership Guidelines

To become a member you must (1) attend at least three meetings, (2) meet with at least seven total members of your choice (other than your sponsor) of which 3 or more must be members of the Board, (3) achieve a majority vote by the Board of Directors, (4) and timely pay the dues.

In order to remain a member we ask that you:

  • Be professional, ethical and enthusiastic
  • Contribute to the group to the best of your ability
  • Meet the attendance requirements
  • Have at least one meeting with members per month.

NJBA operates as a closed network. Attendance and history with the group will determine which person becomes or remains a member. When a member leaves, that industry position will then be open to previous guests as well as new guests until the group has voted in a new member for that industry position.
NJBA wants to maintain a professional meeting environment. To accomplish this, we ask that our members (and guests) dress in appropriate business attire (jacket and/or suit).

  1. Guests should be told by their sponsors to bring 35 cards to the meeting to distribute to the attendees.
  2. Guests will be asked to introduce their company and their position within the company during the Guest Introduction Section of the meeting. There will be a 2 minute time limit for Guest Introductions.
  3. During Guest Introduction Section, guests may be asked questions by members about their business. They should also be instructed by their sponsors to provide the following information:
    • The age, size and location of their company
    • A description of the service that the company provides
    • The types of client that the guest interacts with
    • What does the guest hope to obtain from the NJBA
    • What types of referrals the guest can provide to the NJBA
    • If they are involved within any other network groups similar to NJBA
  4. A guest must be present at the meeting to be considered for membership at that meeting (i.e. notwithstanding satisfying other membership requirements).There will be a second guest category that is being created to be known as “Colleagues.” Colleagues are guests who will not be considered for membership. There will be a charge of $40 for attending the meeting. A Colleague will be permitted to attend only one meeting unless the sponsor receives prior written consent of the Board allowing the Colleague to attend a second meeting. Such fee will be charged to the member who sponsored the Colleague and will be due at the meeting which the Colleague attends. The member will have the option of requesting reimbursement from (and/or direct payment by) the guest or absorbing the cost themselves. A Colleague may consist of, but not be limited to, any of the following people but may not, in any event, be in a business category that conflicts with a business category currently occupied by one of our members:
    • A person who is interesting in attending a meeting, but is not interested in being considered for membership for any reason.
    • A person who is either in a category that is not appropriate for membership and/or has a service or product that might be useful to our members.
    • A person who or is in a category that is appropriate for membership but is not in a position in their company to be considered for membership (e.g. not an owner or high level producer)
    • A person who is an employee of a member and is attending a meeting along with a member (i.e. 2 people from the same company at one meeting)
    • A person who is a former high level executive or business owner who is currently exploring new opportunities
The following is issued to provide clarity to all members on NJBA’s policy with regard to absences and lateness. This policy will be strictly adhered to and each member should make sure they are fully aware of the requirements set forth below.

  1. Any member who misses three (3) meetings in any membership year (September – July), for any reason, shall be subject to having their membership terminated at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors.
  2. Since each member is permitted to miss two meetings per membership year without regard to reason, there is no such thing as an “excused absence” for absences in excess of these two whether for illness, work obligations, vacation or any other reason.
  3. Although the reasons for an absence do not excuse the absence, the reasons will be one of the factors considered by the Board in determining whether the membership of the member who is absent three times within the membership year period should be terminated. Other factors that the Board will take into account include, but are not limited to, the length of membership, the level of involvement and activity of the member in the various aspects of NJBA (including referrals, bringing guests to meetings, sharing information and taking responsibility for activities within NJBA).
  4. The Board will also take into account any late arrivals or times the member has left early in connection with its decision.
  5. Late arrivals (after members introductions are complete) and early departures (prior to the close of the meeting) totaling three in any membership year period in and of themselves (even without any “full” absences) may be cause for termination of membership. Members are expected to attend each meeting from start to finish.
  6. If a member’s membership is terminated pursuant to this policy, there shall be no refund of any portion of the membership fee.
  7. A member will be permitted to have one official alternate from their company who can attend the meeting in their absence. However, the alternate will only be permitted to attend two meetings per year.
  8. New 24 Hour Notice Requirement: Members who are going to miss a meeting are required to notify the facilitator at least 24 hours prior to the meeting date and time (e.g., 6:00pm on Tuesday for a 6:00pm Wednesday meeting). A $40 charge will be assessed against any member who fails to provide this notice to the facilitator beginning with the May 12, 2010 meeting.
Any member who has any questions, comments, concerns, observations or complaints pertaining to the functioning of the group will address those concerns to the designated Board member. We strongly encourage members to put complaints, comments, concerns and specific suggestions for meeting improvements or issues with the Board’s governance in writing. The designated Board Member will in turn present those issues raised to the Board for evaluation and decision rendering. Once a position is arrived at by the Board, the designated Board member will appraise the member accordingly. This procedure has been adopted to address all member concerns in a professional and timely fashion and in an effort to streamline the length of time allotted to the general monthly meetings.
In June or July of each year, an official evaluation form will be provided to each member of the NJBA. The evaluation form will consist of a list of all members as well as a few multiple choice questions about the members. It will also include an area for comments. It will be completed by each member anonymously. The evaluation form will be used by the Board to evaluate each member’s contribution to the group during that year. During the evaluation process, issues that are raised will be addressed and members whose continued membership in NJBA is not seen as beneficial will not have their memberships renewed.
Annual dues for the period of September 1st to August 31st are $975.00 and are due upon receipt of invoice issued by September of each year. If dues remain unpaid by the start of the October meeting, the member shall be charged a $100.00 late fee and shall not be entitled to attend the October meeting. This will be counted as an absence for such member. If the dues are not paid before the start of the November meeting, the member’s membership shall be terminated.
Membership for the first year will be paid in full, regardless of when the member joins. During the second year of membership the dues will be prorated to reflect the overpayment in year 1. There will be a one-time administration fee of $200 charged to every new member for the membership year, regardless of when the member joins.
Dues will not be refunded if a member is terminated from or leaves during a dues year.
  1. When a member brings a guest to a meeting, there is no charge for attendance at the first meeting. There will be a charge of $40 for each additional meeting the guest attends prior to being accepted as a member. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to make sure that payment is made at each meeting, either by the guest or sponsor.
  2. If a member has an official alternate who attends a meeting in the member’s absence, the alternate can do so at no cost. The alternate will be charged $40 for each meeting he attends where the member is also present. Payment is due at the meeting in question. In no event can both member and alternate attend more than 2 meetings together in any membership year.
  1. There will be a 30 second time limit, per person, for each of (i) Member Introductions and (ii) Thank You’s.