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Rob Kleeger – Digital Forensics, Ethical Hacking (Cyber Security), eDiscovery Consulting


Rob Kleeger is the Founder and Managing Director of Digital4nx Group, Ltd., a boutique firm which offers regional digital forensics services for plaintiffs and defendants in various civil and criminal legal matters. Digital4nx Group provides Digital Forensic Investigations, Electronic Discovery Consulting and Advisory Service, Incident Response to Data Breaches and Cyber Security services such as “Ethical Hacking”.

Mr. Kleeger has over a decade of experience serving the legal services industry and a nearly a quarter century in providing consulting solutions and professional services. Kleeger has a broad background in various litigation matters and is focused on assisting clients prior to filing a complaint by providing expert technical consulting by providing efficient and cost-effective digital forensic investigations, early case assessment, Incident Response services relating to data breaches and ediscovery services.

Rob routinely assists attorneys, business owners, general counsel, human resources, and IT professionals in their handling various types of litigation and legal disputes in both the federal and state courts.

Kleeger is a frequent speaker and subject matter expert on digital forensics, cyber security, and electronic discovery. He speaks passionately at various industry conferences and seminars around the Metro area and Nationally and has been featured on WNBC/NBC 4 News Channel.

In addition, he is the co-founder and board member of the NJ Law Firm Resource Group and NY Legal Resource Group.


Digital4nx Group’s forensics consultants have years of experience assisting corporations and not for profit organizations dealing with litigation that require a complex understanding of legal issues, electronic data systems and applications, plus the ability to formulate strategy across these areas to minimize organizational risk and maximize the outcome prospects for key stakeholders.

Simply put, Digital4nx Group specializes in “Digital Autopsy’s” using proprietary methods, technology and tools to recover active and deleted information off computer systems and other electronic devices. Much like a human autopsy that is needed to confirm a person’s cause of death, a digital autopsy is needed to validate a legal theory.

Digital forensics identifies, collects, preserves, analyzes and produces data based off of a defensible process that complies with legal standards and passes muster in a court of law.

We define “Ethical hacking” Security assessments as a service where we attack a clients’ network and computer systems using real-world tools and techniques in order to find security weaknesses.  Having an independent team of experts audit your security is a valuable tool that is guaranteed to uncover vulnerabilities and greatly increase your level of security.

The company is essentially hiring hackers that you can trust with real-world experience in reacting and resolving an incident response of a data breach to break into your network and show you how an attack would be perpetrated before a malicious attacker can perpetrate the same attack.

Much like a CFO who needs a CPA firm to audit their financials, an independent ethical hacking assessment from a firm like Digital4nx Group, Ltd. can provides valuable insight and guidance on maintaining a better security posture.

We find that companies generally hire us to perform “ethical hacking” for three reasons:

  1. They are reasonably confident in their network’s security posture and they want to validate they are as secure as they believe.
  2. They are concerned that their network is not as secure as it should be and believe that an ethicalhack will tell them where they should prioritize their security efforts.
  3. They use ethicalhacking as a mechanism to demonstrate to key stakeholders that their network is secure.

The goal of an ethical hack security exercise is not to reveal deficiencies in the performance of your IT team, but rather to support them. We often find that IT teams are pressured to make things easy-to-use and functional, maintain software updates and patches, and keep the users up and running.  Our ethical hacking assessment aids the IT team, giving them a road-map for making their networks much more secure, identify the sensitive information which the organization maintains, and improve the best reasonable security measures for that organization.



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