Guest Information

  1. Guests should bring 35 cards to the meeting to distribute to the attendees.
  2. Guests should be informed by their sponsor about the Membership Process regarding the time frame of the meeting, the dress code and the tentative meeting agenda prior to their attendance.
  3. Guests will be asked to introduce their company and their position within the company during the Guest Introduction Section of the meeting. There will be a 2 minute time limit for Guest Introductions.
  4. During Guest Introduction Section, members may ask questions about their (guest) business. They should also provide the following information:
    • The age, size and location of their company
    • A description of the service that the company provides
    • The types of client that the guest interacts with
    • What does the guest hope to obtain from the NJBA
    • What types of referrals the guest can provide to the NJBA
    • If they are involved within any other network groups similar to NJBA
  5. Initial Membership Requirements
    • Attend at least three (3) meetings.
    • Meet individually with at least seven (7) total members of your choice (other than your sponsor) of which 3 or more must be members of the Board.
    • Receive a majority vote in favor by the Board of Directors.
    • Timely pay your membership dues (currently $975 per year).
    • There will be a one-time administration fee of $200 charged to every new member for the membership year, regardless of when the member joins.